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One Day One Room

*there are adult themes within the following Fic*

What is life but a series of rooms? Who we get stuck in those rooms defines that part of our life.

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This idea was taken from House Episode; One day one room

Spoilers 24th to 28th September 2012

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Priya's upset after she reads a negative article, and is disappointed when Ajay doesnt give her the support she needs; Kyle struggles to deal with Harley without Jades help.


Priya tries to forget the spark that bad-boy Paul brings to her life; meanwhile Tash is stunned when Ed reveals a colourful suit to match her university ball dress.


Vanessa continues supporting Rhys through his rehab under the proviso he wont get involved in any surgeries until hes ready; meanwhile Callum's bad-boy act inadvertently lands him
in trouble.


Rhys has is world rocked when Jessica reveals he'll have to re-sit the tests on his hand; meanwhile Kyle juggles the logistics of a long-distance relationship.


Andrew reluctantly agrees to attend Paul's civil case against Chris despite being troubled to learn that, if Chris loses, his family will be forced to sell their house.

Credit to Southern Cross Media

Rhys And Tash Music Video

The Last one

Rhash Fluff enjoy :)

The Last one

It had been a long day. Pulling a double shift is never easy-but it’s worse when all you can think about it going home. Today was one of those days, his mind was elsewhere, it had been from the moment he woke. If he could e would have taken the day off, but no he was on call, there was no way around it. Besides tomorrow he was going to be in theatre all day: watching one the most important procedures in medicine; first hand: a heart transplant. A day spent assisting in one of the most spectacular medical advances of the modern world. No colds, rashes, aches, broken bones and worse of all- yet most common: hypochondriacs. No sir. None of this. This is one of the many reasons why he loved surgery. The patient was anaesthetised and out cold-to put it bluntly. There was no need for exchange of pleasantries, or listening to the panic ramblings of “It wasn’t there last night, I’m worried, doctor it can’t be something serious can it?” no when it came to surgery the patient just lay there and the surgeon just got to work. Surgery was his passion: derogatively known by the rest of the medical world as ‘cut and run’ he actually loved it. Surgery is an art-form, he always said that there was beautiful about how a beating heart taken from someone and placed into another could buy him years may be even decades. Surgery takes real stamina and real skill. That’s why he loves it. 

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Rhys Spoilers Week 17th-21st September

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Monday 17th September - 6491
Confident he's rehabilitated his injured hand, Rhys is rattled when he faces a minor setback.

Tuesday 18th September - 6492
Determined not to put lives in danger, Rhys tries to avoid assisting Jessica during a surgery.

Wednesday 19th September - 6493
Suspicious about Rhys's recovery, Vanessa tests his injured hand and is dismayed when he fails.

Before, Now, After


Part 1: 'all is not well'

            “One moment changes everything, just one moment” – Tash
“Sometimes not even that,” – Rhys
                “ Sometimes, a moment is too long, and everything has already changed” – Tash
“Often it is out of our control” – Rhys
                “Yet still we have to deal with the consequences,”– Tash
“Regardless of the outcome” - Rhys
                “It leaves you wondering” – Tash
“what could have been?” – Rhys
                “What should have been?” – Tash
“ What Would have been?” – Rhys
                “ But ultimately the real question that remains is...” – Tash
“why me?”- Rhys

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